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Its Got WHAT In It??

As a diabetic, I have a lot more to do with what makes up the food we eat on a day to day basis. It’s a bit of a minefield knowing what is in our food, and you would be surprised to learn about the composition of some of those quick and easy foods that you eat on a weekly basis.

When I was first diagnosed I was your typical teenager; I ate crisps and drank coke to get me through long study periods and stressful times. But once diagnosed I was thrown into a world of sugar content and complex carbohydrates, and as a result it has made me more savvy with my food knowledge and a lot trimmer!

To this day I’m amazed by what people are prepared to put into their bodies. Ready meals that conceal massive amounts of sugar and salt, and cakes and biscuits jam packed full of trans fats, designed to increase the shelf life of our food but with a side effect of clogging our arteries. Even cereal bars that purport to be healthy are stuck together with sugar syrup proving that sometimes what you see really isn’t what you get.

Don’t get me wrong though; I’m not some skinny Minnie health freak. I love baking and I can often be found on the sofa chowing down on a chocolate orange and a glass of red wine. I mean come on, they are two of your five a day aren’t they?

I just want to take it back a bit and return to a time when it was common to do your cooking from scratch. Sure, a fresh soup won’t last as long as a tin, but it will taste better, give you tons more of the vitamins and minerals that your body craves (especially in the winter) and make you feel all rustic and warm.

Care to join me?



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  1. The food companies don’t make it any easier by deliberately misleading people about the contents of their products.

    For a while there was the whole ‘90% fat free!’ label which gave the impression that something was low in fat, yet 10% fat is actually quite high.

    And wasn’t there a company that managed to get the tomato paste on a pizza classed as a vegetable on a school menu…?


  2. Well I’M a health freak and I LOVED this post!

  3. I 100% agree! It’s okay [and healthy, I would argue] to indulge every now and then – but I think we need to take a step back and reflect on our indulgences. I think I actually say, “It’s got WHAT in it?” a lot at the store. I’d far prefer making some cookies or cereal bars from scratch… oh, and having a glass of wine with them 😉

  4. The best part of cooking from scratch is that you know what ingredients your are consuming. I love to take some of my fav. dishes from my fav. food establishments (like pf. changs, outback etc.) and try to recreate them in a more healthy, way!! And most of the time it is much cheaper than a dinner out. Plus, Its fun with a glass of wine.. hehehe I agree w/ ya’ll 🙂 wink wink!

  5. I’m as far from a health freak one person can possibly be I think, but I do love to cook food from scratch and it does become healthier that way, I have no choice in the matter. I do however use full fat cream, milk and proper butter in my food, why? Because I can and I think it taste better…think a happy person makes a healthy person.

  6. Agree totally – when i lived in London I confess I succumbed to junk food. Now that I live (thankfully) an hour from a decent supermarket, everything is made from scratch. And how much better I feel for it!

  7. Love your blog and mission! I’m a huge fan of cooking from scratch and it’s great to meet like minded people. There is just something cozy and comforting about homemade food. I’ll definitely visit again! Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  8. Yes! Exactly what you said!

    I often have people commenting on what I eat. “Oh, I didn’t think a Nia teacher would eat mayonnaise.” Because they have been brainwashed to think that eggs and oil are bad and fattening, while High fructose corn syrup flavored with a tomato is healthy because it has less saturated fat.

    Here in the United States food has High Fructose Corn Syrup in it instead of sugar. I am not saying pure cane sugar is great, but I believe it to be better for the body than HFCS.

    I feel sad that society is so busy they would rather eat convenient chemicals than take the time to cook with real food.

  9. Thanks for Like-ing my recent post on knitting/crafting! I always enjoy following people’s new food goals and adventures, so I look forward to what you have to share. And I love the ‘bring back the real food!’ mission that so many of us are jumping in on.

  10. I seem to be definately on the same mission as you…though I do allow a little bit of cheating in the game. loved this post and your writing style.

  11. I relate to your need to create food from scratch as I am gluten intolerant. Stay curious and you will learn so much about food made from your heart. Healthier, less salt and you know exactly where it came from.

  12. I, too, share your belief in ‘from scratch’ cooking. It’s so important to know what you’re eating! I’m not an absolute purist about it, but a good foundation of good eating can accommodate the occasional splurge, for the most part. One of my missions is to make food that’s good for you, but where flair and flavour take centre stage. And if I decide to make a rich dessert, i can enjoying knowing it’s not full of additives A lot of people think healthy = bland or boring. Not so! Mar.

  13. I have very few eating rules, i love food alot. But trying to mainly eat food where i know the ingredients and contents is the only one i truly abide by

  14. I agree!! That’s what I do and what others to do. Love your site. Let’s cook together one day!


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