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The Mission Statement

It’s a story that you hear time and time again; young career girls going home and eating ready meals as they haven’t the time to whip something up, or getting takeaways far too often because when they get home from work they just can’t be bothered to do anything but put their PJs on and eat the entire contents of the Ben and Jerry’s carton with a table-spoon. I know you know what I mean! I also have friends who are young Mums and haven’t the time or energy to cook a big meal, or families who just can’t afford fancy ingredients.

So I had a brain wave. My housemate and I are two girls who love nothing more than to cook and often try out recipes that have been passed to us by friends and family. I am here to try my hand at delicious looking recipes and find out whether they are as easy as they say they are, or turn out as good as you hope. There was a recent scandal when Jamie Oliver released his thirty minute meals with Mums across the UK despairing; the meals totally didn’t take thirty minutes.

So I reckon the general public need people like us to debunk some difficult recipes and so armed with some sharp knives, a few recipe books and a plethora of wooden spoons, we will help you out, one tummy filling meal at a time!

Until next time, remember:

A full belly is  a happy belly. Let’s start a revolution!

Coco (think less Chanel and more pop!)



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  1. Eating healthily can often be cheaper than eating rubbish. Fresh vegetables cost hardly anything.

  2. Cant wait to see your recipes,will definetely try them out.

  3. Thanks for the “like” on my pumpkin muffins post. You’ve got a great idea on your blog here and I wish you the best of luck with it! Will be back for more.

  4. Hope you liked the Arugula salad recipe and try some of the others. Looking forward to reading more of your blog, Good luck with it!

  5. Brilliant! I love that you are working to dispel the myth that cooking is hard. Truly, if you are able to read, and follow instructions, there’s no reason everyone can’t cook! I love the simple recipes as well, and especially the ones that look like you’ve slaved over them! I’ll keep checking back to see what you’re up to!

  6. Love the idea behind and philosophy of this blog! Love the last line- Coco (less Chanel and more pop!) Will be visiting time and again!


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